Reassurance your little one is safely sleeping

Cuba Wand was designed by Australian parents to help with those nightly baby checkin's. It takes away the anxiety of wondering if your baby is sleeping ok.

Cuba Wand Baby Breathing Monitor

Use in 2 simple steps

Step 1. Turn on Cuba Wand and hold the tip under your baby's nose

Step 2. Cuba Wand will glow green and gently vibrate with every breath

You can also count the flashes to get baby's respiratory rate. Bonus!

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  • Cuba Wand Baby Breathing Monitor


    We don't believe baby safety should be expensive. Cuba Wand provides an accurate and reliable breathing monitoring solution without the hundred dollar price tag. We purposely left out unnecessary features like Bluetooth and WiFi for this reason.

    Cuba Wand wraps sophisticated technology into a simple, affordable wand.

  • Cuba Wand Baby Breathing Monitor


    Our team of mum's testing Cuba Wand loved how portable it was. They found themselves using it to check on baby at home, in the car, out and about, and while they were all rugged up!

  • Cuba Wand Baby Breathing Monitor

    Safe & Reliable

    Cuba Wand is based on algorithms developed for a medical device. This means the fundamental tech has gone through rigourous testing and quality measures. Ensuring that Cuba Wand will accurately detect even the smallest of baby breaths.

Australian parents love their Cuba Wand

  • "As a mum of three I wish I had the Cuba for my first two babies! It is so simple to use and so reassuring when checking my little ones breathing while he is sleeping, at home and on the go. No more nervously watching for the rise and fall of the chest in the dark, under multiple layers of clothing - It takes the stress and guess work out of checking breathing by quickly and definitively providing a comforting green light and gentle vibration to let you know all is well. It’s a must for all new mums."

  • "Loved this little device for my little one, particularly in the car or pram in her first few weeks as a newborn checking her breathing, made me feel reassured and a lot calmer just knowing I could check that she was breathing fine."

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Cuba Wand Baby Breathing Monitor

Cuba Wand Vs Other Montiors

Other baby breathing monitors use secondary measurements for breathing such as pulse oximetry or movement of the chest. Cuba Wand directly measures the flow of air in and out of your little ones mouth and nose, making it very accurate and reliable.

Our team of experts spent over 2 years perfecting the patented breath detection algorithms!

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